Ahoy loyal readers, and anyone else who’s happened to stumble upon this particular blog entry. I have news to report regarding the future of this blog!


The story starts roughly a week ago when my life exploded. Usually when my life explodes it means something like the day before I need to store my earthly possessions so I can fly to the East Coast for my college graduation, my incumbent roommate calls me at 11PM to tell me that I don’t have a place to call home when I come back.


That was a thrilling 48 hours, but I digress.


In this instance, my life managed to explode in equal but opposite reactions within a three day period. Regular readers will note that I did not manage to make my regular posts last week, and this story will explain why…to some (perhaps unsatisfying) extent.


First, I got sick. I strongly suspect this was a consequence of attending Wonder Con considering the timing and the fact that conventions are an excellent place to trade and collect germs and viruses. In any event I got sick. It was just a little bit at first, but then the stage two rockets deployed and I was afflicted with a veritable force of nature. At certain points this thing had me only a notch or two above bed rest. It was strong and relentless, but inconsistent.


Strictly speaking, use of the past tense here is inappropriate, but the worst of it has PROBABLY passed, considering that I spent almost the entirety of last week recuperating and hydrating like a fish-man. Aside from these facts and my current ability to function like a normal human being (in reasonably brief intervals) I don’t really have the luxury of continuing my self-indulgent recovery. That’s where the second explosion comes in.


You see one of the slight exceptions to a week spent lethargically watching You Tube videos and medicating at regular intervals was a job interview for a real-person TV-related job. I’ve had a few of these in the past, so I didn’t have my hopes up, even though I was being recommended by a friend of mine because…well none of those job opportunities panned out.


I’ll save you the trouble of my usual rambling to say that I got the job. It starts today. Well, it started like five hours ago. This is what lunch hours are for right?


Anyway, I hope you guys can forgive me for focusing on trying to recover in time for the start of this job and not making my regular updates last week. Unfortunately it also means I will have less time to work on my updates throughout the week, at least as long as this freelance-style gig lasts.


I’m going to do my best to make things work, but the size, shape and even appearance of my entries will quite possibly be changing for a while.  Please, again, bear with me. I intend to keep bringing you top quality terrible-media entertainment, but I’m going to have to get creative to fit it all into my schedule.


At some point I’ll try to fill you guys in on some of the exciting new details of my relationship with Television, but for now it’s time to weigh anchor and swab some poopdecks or something. That’s pirate-talk for “lunch break’s over ye bilge rats!”