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Wonder Crash



I just got back from Anaheim last night, where I spent the weekend experiencing all of the excitement and joy that Wonder Con could cram into the convention center, while still accommodating the young female cheerleaders and volleyball players that had many of my friends and I concerned that some creeper nerd would cause an unfortunate incident. Other than that unfortunate coordinating decision and a few conflicting events of interest I would have to say my experience at Wonder Con this year was utterly amazing.


I had the chance to attend multiple panels discussing writing for television, as well as panels for Once Upon a Time (a show I’ve already discussed here, though will probably discuss again soon because that show is…sure something), Community (oddly enough, another show I’ve already written about), Adventure Time and even a brief panel about the upcoming film Prometheus, which will probably outdo sliced bread in terms of greatness. I also had the chance to meet and briefly talk to Kris Straub, a webcomic artist whose work I greatly admire, especially in his sci-fi webcomic, Starslip.


What does all of this mean for the Cove? Well ideally I will manage to incorporate some of my experiences into an interesting post in the near future, but more importantly it means I am in desperate need of some time to readjust to normal life. Worry not, I’m not talking something crazy like a month or even a week, I’m just saying I’m certainly not coherent enough to post something of my ordinary length or quality today. I am, however, already working on a post for Wednesday, so hopefully everything will be back on schedule by then.


I thank you for your patience as I attempt to become a “normal” human being again, and reward your patience with this doodle I made of my favorite Cardfight!! Vanguard unit, Silent Tom, when I stole my brother’s tablet computer over Christmas vacation:


See? I can totally draw well enough to make a webcomic some day!


…shut up. I’m still going to try.



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Cardfight Vanguard – Ride 7: The Fearsome Soulblast










New Rule: Kai introduces the “Soulblast” ability, which in turn explains what the “soul” is. Every card in your vanguard circle under your current Vanguard is the soul. Once you have eight cards in the soul you can activate a Soulblast ability, like the “Burning Hell” ability of Kai’s Vortex Dragon.

This time I’m going to let the panels speak for themselves, as I feel they tell the whole story. As with Code Lyoko, I’m planning on trying something new next week. Stay tuned!

Holiday Hiatus 2011

I’ll try to find the time to post some random things, or at least work towards updates in the New Year, but in the meantime have a safe and happy holiday season until I can resume regular updates!

Cardfight Vanguard – Ride 6: The Mysterious Card Shop!

Suggested Title: Let’s Go to the Mall!


I discovered that I didn’t feel like writing about this episode, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be summarizing it for you!

Anyone who reads my Monday posts will know by now that I have interest in creating a webcomic some day. Let’s all consider this to be a sample of what my current level of artistic talent will allow on that front:














Honestly, there’s not a ton to talk about regarding this episode. It introduces the three women who run the PSY card shop, who return later with a mysterious importance that has yet to be fully explored. I’m really only slightly exaggerating the obsessive nature of Morikawa’s immediate crush on Kourin, the blonde, royal-paladin-using girl who plays against Aichi at the holographic table. And that relationship continues to remain exactly as one-sided and mildly creepy as it is here through the series so far.


The introduction of the holographic game table is probably the most remarkable element of this episode. It marks the beginning of the series’ slow descent into madness from its origins as a competition anime grounded in reality. It’s actually sort of a strange decision because as the holographic projectors become more and more common throughout the series, it has very little impact on how the game appears on screen. It amounts to some wavy lines in front of the players’ faces as they cardfight one another, since the “picture it in your mind” style of cutting away to the imagined creatures works just as well as a visual device. Personally, I think it would have made the show more unique and interesting to leave things as they were.


In terms of the game rules, again, there isn’t much new to say. This episode is interesting in that it’s the first time we see two of the same deck-type face off. This provides the audience with two things: it shows us that not every Royal Paladin deck (etc.) is the same, and it begins to show us some of the more intricate strategic aspects of the game. This is highlighted on Aichi’s last turn of the cardfight when he actually has to make a strategic call about whether to go on the offensive or try and survive for another turn to hedge his bets.


Oh yeah, and Aichi received the “King of Knights, Alfred” from Suiko, the blue-haired woman who seems to run the shop. This is chiefly significant because it will be the real trump card of Aichi’s deck for a while. As one might expect, the King of Knights is slightly more effective than Gancelot, the Knight of Frivolity as a Grade 3 unit in Aichi’s deck.


The true lesson of the episode for the kids watching at home, is that even if your favorite game store doesn’t have the precious cards you need to sate your addiction, you need not worry! There’s always another store somewhere that can hook you up.


Of course the lesson of this post for me is that drawing 10 panels worth of story summary is even more difficult than I had expected, though the more panels I did, the easier the process became. Please let me know what you thought of my little artistic experiment, either by leaving a comment here on Cove of Solitude, or via Twitter @VascoDaGamer. Don’t forget that you can follow me on Twitter for the latest news about my blog and my You Tube channel!